Basic Thread Lift Training Certification Courses

R3’s Basic courses are geared towards getting providers comfortable with PDO Thread Lifts for the face by teaching numerous aspects. We focus on the face for the  Basic One Day Course because it’s very important for providers to get comfortable with it, or else practice implementation will not occur.  The agenda revolves mostly on hands on training.


The immersive, experiential training is designed so that attendees not only learn PDO Thread Lift techniques, but also retain the knowledge. The mantra is “See One, Do One and then HAVE ONE!”

1. Thread Overview

2. Seeing them done

3. Participating in Thread Procedures

4. Having a Thread procedure

Advanced Thread Lift Training Certification Courses

For providers that want to learn  more advanced thread lift techniques, then the Advanced course is available.


While the Basic Certification Course is optimal for learning Face Thread Lift techniques, the Advanced Course will take the experience further by teaching techniques for arms, legs, neck and abdomen.


The Advanced Thread Lift Training Certification Course necessitates that provides have attended a Basic course, either with R3 Medical Training or another company.


As with the R3 Basic Thread Lift Course, the Advanced Course includes real procedures on real patients. Attendees are also encouraged to receive a procedure as well. The Courses are customized to the Attendees, so the amount of providers we accept for each course is even more limited than with the Basic Course.


The Advanced Course focuses on the same aspects with Thread Lifts, but on different areas of the body. This includes options for the neck, abdomen, arms and legs to learn:

Advanced Training Courses are available through our scheduled dates or for in office training either at your location or that of our expert trainers.


If you would like to receive an in office training for PDO Thread Lifts or a training at our Trainer’s facility, please CONTACT US HERE or simply call (888) 998-6343.


We take great pride in offering Basic and Advanced training that instills a memorable experience and a skill set that transfers quickly into clinical practice. Call for more information today!

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Basic and Advanced PDO Certification Courses

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