PDO Thread Lifts for the Face and Neck

For decades if not centuries, people have been looking for ways to keep their appearance youthful and vibrant, especially when it comes to a person’s face. In this new digital revolution of social media and “the selfie,” it seems aesthetics and a focus on how we look is more significant and meaningful than ever. Our physical appearance communicates how healthy we are, our overall confidence in who we are and how we feel, and can offer job or relationship opportunity.


Everyone wants to look their best, and as we get older, it becomes harder to maintain youthful, toned, and tight skin. If you are looking for a minimally invasive procedure as an alternative to the more invasive facelift, a PDO Thread Lift may be right for you.


A PDO Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that helps eliminate face lines, wrinkles and helps in restoring the skin to a tighter and more buoyant position. The acronym PDO stands for polydioxanone material and is what the suture or threads are made of. Polydioxanone is a highly flexible, durable, and naturally absorbable polymer that allows for insertion into the patient’s dermis. This material has been and still is safely used in orthopedic, cardiovascular, and plastic surgeries of various types for years and dissolves naturally over time.


Before the procedure begins, the patient will be properly anesthetized at the insertion points so discomfort or irritation can be completely avoided. The PDO threads will then be inserted and pushed through the skin until they reach predetermined endpoints resulting in the desired lift of the skin. PDO thread lift’s main goal is to provide patients with a more youthful look and to stimulate natural collagen production within the desired area to rejuvenate the skin. Thread lift procedures specialize in repositioning facial and neck tissues to their more youthful positions.


Recovery is very short to none, and within one week, patients are fully recovered and looking zesty and full of life. There are a variety of suture textures and types with different levels of lift potential we will discuss in further depth below.


Commonly, three types of PDO threads are used to achieve desired lifts to the neck, chin, jawline, brows, marionette lines, cheeks, and reduce under the eye wrinkles. There are mono-threads (smooth), twisted or corkscrew-like threads, and barbed threads that are used for volume. The type of thread used is dependent upon the patient’s desires and their specific needs. Mono-threads or smooth PDO threads are used to achieve a relatively small amount of lift, adds some volume, and promotes collagen production.


Twisted or corkscrew-like threads are often used for the lower portions of the face around the jaw or mouth, and neck, to achieve a tighter more youthful aesthetic. Twisted threads can provide more lift, volume, and overall vitality to the support structures of the skin. The last kind of threads that can be used in PDO Thread Lift procedures are barbed, which consist of 1-2 intertwined threads that are inserted into the afflicted area. These suture types provide patients with an even tighter lift as well as the most natural collagen production out of the three. PDO Thread Lifts are a safe, minimally invasive, and effective way to treat sagging skin of all types. 

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